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About Wilhelmina Louise

Even as a small girl in Limburg, designer Ann-Christine GerritsenÂ’s imagination and creativity knew no bounds, and she created her own small mythical creatures, designing entire collections for them. Fashion, design and aesthetics are a way of life for her, and in this way, a corner stone was laid for the company Wilhelmina Louise in 2013.

Following her successful studies in advertising and marketing, time spent abroad in Spain and England, and professional activities in marketing and design, Ann-ChristineÂ’s passion finally reached its climax when she subsequently graduated from the fashion school in Aschaffenburg in 2009.

In order to perfect her skills, she worked as a bespoke tailor with Inna Boschmann Haute Couture in Wiesbaden.

The company founder is married and lives with her husband and their dachshund in Wiesbaden. With Wilhelmina Louise she has made a small dream come true, something which she passes on to every one of her customers. Her collections create a miraculous mix of sustainability, high-quality materials, making her extraordinary designs something unique and special.

Step into this dream world and be enchanted, because in the end, we're all just made of the same material that dreams are made of.

The Wilhelmina Louise Philosophy
The lightness of being, a love for aesthetics, as changeable as a butterfly and the highest demands for quality and design; this is the Wilhelmina Louise philosophy.

"We are such stuff dreams are made of" said Shakespeare - Wilhelmina Louise makes these dreams come true in clothing you.

A mix of modern and classic, understatement and luxury is the unique composition, together with a special dedication to quality.

These imaginative creations are small works of art which make life more colourful, nicer, more conscious and more imaginative. Be enchanted and come on in to our dream world.


The scarves from Wilhelmina Louise are stylish and unique.

Come on in, be enchanted, and wrap yourself in these amazing designs and the finest of materials.

Welcome to the scarf collection from Wilhelmina Louise. Get to know our wonderful and exclusive “Must Haves“; find your perfect companion for every situation and wear one of these wonderful pieces.